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    “Flip your room to a classroom”

    The learning scenarios of students have changed. The world is looking to implementing FLIPPED CLASSROOM CONCEPT. Our aim is to flip the room of a student with the online virtual classroom. Whatever the student learn in college same contents will be learned by a student at home. We are looking to give the students a quality teaching in their own room where they can understand the concepts of all major subjects thoroughly, solve numerical based on the concept and when they go in their college, they enter with confidence and can directly get engaged with the assignments given by the colleges. This will help the students to apply their theoretical concepts learned at home in the practical activities at the college. Students will be triggered to explore the real engineering in college rather than just going through the subject learning process.

    - Sahana Ahmed, Founder


    No-KT offers instructional video lectures for both diploma and degree level engineering course. We empower students to study anywhere at their own pace, in and outside of the classroom. We strive hard to provide students with high-quality video lectures from experienced Professors directly at student's study room and build up their confidence in every subject. No-KT invites volunteers mainly professors to join this one-time effort that would help students to learn the technical subjects at an affordable price.

    Why No-KT

    1. Experienced Faculties:

    Our Faculties have minimum experience of 7-12 years in their subject. So learn from the best without any doubts.

    2. Trial Video Lectures:

    Subscriber can first watch all the videos free for two days and then they can purchase our videos.

    3. Doubt clearing session:

    We address doubts in any chapter/concepts within two days. We will reply your doubts in writing or will make a small video and upload it to our YouTube channel.

    4. Guaranteed result:

    We believe that if students sincerely study and follow our video lectures than they will pass will very good score. But again student must be sincere in studies and must maintain proper lecture notes.

    5. Flexible Plans:

    We have very flexible subscription plans. No-KT has full rights to change the subscription plans whenever they feel.

    6. Price:

    Price is competitive and No-KT has full rights to change the price whenever they feel without giving any prior notification to the student.

    Our Values


    We are a young organization continually learning from others, sharing our lessons, and applying knowledge to our work. We are deliberate in our pursuit of excellence and employ a continuous cycle of learning, evaluation, and improvement.