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  • Fluid Mechanics

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    Subject Name:           Fluid Mechanics
    Subject Code:            N0002
    Course:                       Diploma (I Scheme) – MSBTE
    Branch:                       Mechanical – Semester IV
    Status:                        Shoot in progress   

    Fluid mechanics have played an important role in human life. Therefore, it also attracted many curious people. Even in the ancient Greek history, systematic theoretical works have been done. The devlopement of governing equations of fluid flow started already in the 16th century. In the 18th and 19th century, the conservation laws for mass, momentum and energy was already known in its most general form. In the 20th century, developments were in theoretical, experimental and recently numerical. In the theoretical field, mostly solutions of the governing equations for special cases were provided. Experimental methods have been developed to measure flow velocities and fluid properties. By the developement of computers , the numerical treatment of fluid mechanical problems opened new perspectives in research. It is the common blief that in the 21th century, the activities would be most intensive in the development new experimental and numerical tools and application of those for developing new technologies.  

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